As an association of contractors, manufacturers and suppliers, the Trinidad and Tobago Contractors Association (TTCA) is committed to promoting its members as ethical, professional and expert providers of services to the construction industry.

The TTCA will continue to influence the industry and government to adopt a standardized code of ethics as it endeavors to create an environment that promotes fairness, honesty and quality. To that end, the association has adopted principles to which all members have committed themselves.

Commitment to the Industry

  1. Deal fairly and with integrity with each other and with their sub-contractors, specialists, suppliers and employees
  2. Maintain high standards in safety, health and welfare of site personnel, the public and the environment
  3. Register with all related legislated bodies and abide by all rules, regulations and guidelines in accordance with the law
  4. Ensure strict confidentiality where necessary
  5. Refrain from practices that lead to conflict

Commitment to the Public

  1. Undertake work within one’s area of competence and discharge obligations with due diligence in keeping with contract requirements, specifically cost and timeline
  2. Constantly act in the client’s best interests. Keep client abreast of challenges changes and progress
  3. Follow rules, standards and guidelines that apply to one’s field that would consistently represent “good working practices”
  4. Control, supervise and manage work under one’s care so as to not compromise work deliverables, health and any other risks that pose liabilities
  5. Have relevant financial capacity to perform and fulfill contract
  6. Have a satisfactory performance record that celebrates integrity and good business ethics

View and doanload our Code of Ethics (PDF format) here.

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Joining the TTCA, members will see benefits such as strength in unity and the opportunity for all members regardless of size to have a voice in dealing with pertinent issues.