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1. Why should I join the Trinidad and Tobago Contractors Association (TTCA)?
Benefits of joining the TTCA can be found HERE.

2. Who can join the TTCA?
The TTCA is open to all construction related companies, sellers and suppliers of construction related items and related entities within the field. Two (2) financial members must sign the form to endorse your work.

3. How do I join the TTCA?
Visit the TTCA website and download the application form, or collect one at the TTCA Secretariat. Upon completion, submit to the Secretariat along with application fee for review.

4. How much does it cost to join the TTCA?
For new members: a non-refundable registration fee of $575 VAT Inclusive is paid upon submission of the application form.
This is followed up by the membership dues as specified in your application form once formal acceptance has been determined. If an application is confirmed within the last quarter of the year e.g. Sept-Dec 2016, dues would not be payable until January 2018.

5. How long does it take for a membership to become active?
Directors meet once monthly for their board meeting where any outstanding applications are decided upon. Note that this is the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Therefore the application period should not run longer than one month from submission to acceptance.

6. How can I get proof of my TTCA membership and or payment?
Once payment is made, each member will receive their receipt along with a membership certificate and annual stickers. In the event that there was a failure or misplacement of either, kindly contact the Secretariat’s Accounting Officer.

7. How long is membership good for?
Membership lasts 12 months. Each year a new membership certificate is issued to each member. Members remain on the membership list for an additional year even if they are not financial (meaning they have not paid for no more than 12 months) immediately following this, they are removed but remain on the internal accounting books listed as non-financial for another 6 months. During this period, arrangements would be made to collect outstanding dues. Any member wishing to return to a member in good financial standing must cover all outstanding debts.

8. When is the membership year?
Membership follows the traditional calendar year – January to December.

9. How can I pay my dues?
Dues can be paid directly to the TTCA Secretariat via cash or company cheque. Alternatively, payments can be made directly to the assigned bank account.

10. When will I receive my renewal notice?
At the start of each calendar year, a renewal notice via email is sent along with a proforma invoice. Once payment is not made, reminder is sent every quarter.

11. Does the TTCA offer payment options?
Subject to current board discretion, payment options were made available for companies falling behind in their payments.

12. Who runs the TTCA?
The TTCA is overseen by a board of 10 directors – all elected. The Secretariat – the administrative arm, comprises of three (3) staff members. 

13. Why should I join a Committee or become a Board Director?
Committees are entrusted to fulfil specific aims and objectives within their tenure. Directors play a key role in decision making that affect the industry and their participation and success results in the ability to maintain the TTCA’s existence financially whether through training and events, additionally, directors advocate and make representations on behalf of members and publics and be seen as a figurehead thereafter. The later strengthens ties within the industry and can be used a valuable individual learning forum.

14. How do I join a Committee or become a Board Director?
Each company, during the election period, nominates their proposed representatives, internally and or externally. Individuals nominated complete an acceptance form and at the Annual General Meeting, prospects are voted on in a bid to comprise the board for the coming term.
Committees allow for volunteers from any company to apply. Individuals must ensure a commitment to conduct the objectives of the committee for the 12 month period.

15. Can I join a committee without joining the TTCA?
At this time, this is not possible. Nonetheless, assistance/support is accepted on any individual project from external parties.

16. Can my membership be upgraded or downgraded?
Relative to changes in one’s company turnover over no less than 36 months, a written request can be made to be placed in a lower or higher category. Upon review by the membership committee a letter would be sent to the company.  Note that changes would be reflected in the dues paid annually.

17. I’ve moved. How do I update my address or other data?
Immediately following changes, information should be forwarded to the TTCA Secretariat. If a member has access to their TTCA website account, changes can be done there and a notification will alert the Secretariat accordingly. 

18. What is TTCA’s cancellation policy?
If a member if interested in cancelling their membership, a formal letter must be written declaring same. Note that all outstanding debts must be cleared. E.g if a company would like to cancel membership outside of the first three months of any calendar year, dues are still expected to be paid for that year.

19. How can the TTCA save me money?
All members receive an ANSA Mcal Premier Card that allows for the benefits highlighted HERE.

20. Am I eligible for a free or discounted membership?
Membership allows for free or discounted fees for all TTCA events and training workshops.

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Joining the TTCA, members will see benefits such as strength in unity and the opportunity for all members regardless of size to have a voice in dealing with pertinent issues.