Our Vision

The Trinidad and Tobago Contractors Association strives to serve our nation’s construction sector by promoting the skill, integrity and responsibility of those who build Trinidad and Tobago.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our members in an ever changing political & economic climate through active training, advocacy, improving job site safety, expanding the use of cutting edge technology and strengthening relationships between all associated member groups and owners.

The TTCA carries out its mission by serving the construction industry in the following key areas:

  • Promote integrity amongst contractors
  • Provide a strong and united voice on matters affecting members
  • Stand as a supervisory body for our members
  • Support the development and application of industry related skills through training
  • Continuous pursuit of fair practices and policies for the industry
  • Mandate excellence in health and safety practices
  • Ensure the provision of quality service to members and the public where applicable

Key Accomplishments

  1. One of the TTCA’s most important achievements over the last 48 years is the successful lobbying for the public opening of tenders in the 1960’s which eventually became public policy in 1987.
  2. In the 1970’s the TTCA successfully lobbied the Government for concessions that allowed for the increased participation of locals on large projects. This encouraged more people to enter the industry thus increasing the number of contractors in Trinidad and Tobago.
  3. In the 1990’s, once again through its lobbying efforts, the TTCA was instrumental in bringing about a commission of enquiry to investigate corruption in the award of contracts with respect to the Piarco Airport Construction Project and more recently, played a significant role in helping to influence the Government’s decision to conduct a Commission of Enquiry into UDECOTT and the Construction Industry, more often referred to as “the UFF Commission of Enquiry”.
  4. The Association also played a major role in the introduction of the Civil Engineering Technical Certification into the BSc Engineering Degree at the University of the West Indies.

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Joining the TTCA, members will see benefits such as strength in unity and the opportunity for all members regardless of size to have a voice in dealing with pertinent issues.